Asian Natural Hair Loss Treatments

Natural hair loss treatment is one of the popular hair loss treatments among the hair loss patients due to its effectiveness and non-toxic nature. Among these, the traditional medicines of China and Japan offer effective preventions and treatments for hair loss and general hair care for healthy hair. In Asian herbal medicine, sesame oil is the most often used for hair healing where hair and scalp are concerned.

Sesame Oil Hair Loss Treatment

Sesame oil is used to prevent hair loss, nourish hair and scalp. It also helps in hair healing, and moisturizing hair. It is good to use once a week.

Methods of usage:

• Apply sesame oil (pure, not blended with other oils) to slightly moistened hair before shampooing,
• Thoroughly massage the scalp, oiling the hair all the way to the ends.
• Use a warm towel to wrap your head and leave the oil treatment on for at least thirty minutes or as long as three hours.
• Rinse your hair with warm water.
• Finally, shampoo well and rinse.

Ginger and Sesame Oil Scalp Hair Loss Treatment

Sesame oil and ginger scalp treatment is used to stimulate hair growth, repair falling hair, healing scalp irritations and activate blood circulation. It is not recommended for sensitive scalps due to ginger’s strength. It is good to use three times per week for a period of more here!

Methods of usage:

• A piece of gingerroot is grated into pieces. The ginger is squeezed through using gauze, catching the juice in a bowl. Discard the ginger pieces and mix the ginger juice with sesame oil in a one-to-one ratio. It is better to prepare it fresh every time you use.

• Use the solution as to massage the scalp, gently rub it into the scalp and the root end of hair for ten minutes. Shampoo and rinse and your hair thoroughly.

• You may also leave the treatment on your head for a few more minutes before washing. Some scalps may experience irritation. If you have any feeling of hot and burning sensation, wash the oil out imme¬diately and reduce the amount of ginger in future treatments.

Garlic Hair Loss Treatment

Garlic has been used consistently since ancient times by many cultures throughout the world, and its healing properties are evidence by scientific researches. Japanese women have used it to treat hair loss for long. There is gelatin capsules garlic oil available in market to substitute for fresh garlic. Normally it is done on a dry scalp, once a day for at least three months.

Natural Hair Loss Treatment

Methods of usage:

• Use a steamed towel to warm your hair loss area.
• Use garlic oil to apply to the thinning or bald scalp areas.
• Massage gently the scalp using the oil for a minute.
• Wash the oil in excess but leave the scalp without washing the garlic coating.
• You can do this in the evenings.(
• Shampoo and rinse your hair the next morning.

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